Filmmaker, Director & Editor, Cinematographer
This website features some of my recent commercial and personal projects.

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Jordan B FM

Filmmaker, Director & Editor, cinematographer
As a director, I have an understanding of the roles of the cinematographer and editor which helps achieve the best possible outcome.If a project is too big for an individual, I have experience in directing a team of people.

As a cinematographer, I have experience with a large array of systems, but not large ones.

I have editing experience with basic colour correction from tv and web commercials to documentary or music videos.I have experience in various software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe CC Premier Pro, LightWorks, Blender, IMovie etc

Feel free to contact me to discuss projects you may have:

Movie Nominations

Jordan B MD

Clients & brands I have worked with

JH12WorldFit EvolutionRagaPop
YMCAA Hip Hop Story

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